Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Civil War Road Trip Guide Coming out in time for summer!

With ten multi-day itineraries, The Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide is the first guide to highlight every major campaign of the Civil War. Author Michael Weeks documents over 450 sites, helping travelers better understand this period of American history, and the landmarks that remain. As Weeks plots these itineraries, he offers historical details on the ideological battle between North and South, on the slaves and abolitionists who were willing to die for freedom, and the prominent men and women on both sides who brought the nation to war. The venues featured range from the great battlefields of Gettysburg and Manassas to relatively unknown sites in places such as Vermont, Idaho, and New Mexico. Including complete directions to the sites and lodging suggestions, these tours enable readers to personally tailor trips to every major Civil War campaign site and beyond.

Weeks highlights key figures and events in each theater of the war, covering everything from the Missouri Compromise to manumission, from Fort Sumter to Appomattox, providing context for the battle sites, museums, and countless other attractions covered in this book. With this guide in hand, readers will experience the sites where Frederick Douglass worked tirelessly to achieve equality for African Americans, where Clara Barton used her Civil War experiences to establish the American Red Cross, and where Robert E. Lee spent his childhood. No diehard Civil War buff or history fanatic will want to be without Weeks’s major new contribution.

Michael Weeks is an amateur historian with a passion for the road. He personally visited all 450 sites in the book, and has driven tens of thousands of miles across America in search of the living roots of U.S. history. Michael lives in the South Loop area of Chicago, Illinois, with his wife Charlotte, and works as an occupational health and safety consultant. Ironically, as the author of a road trip book, Weeks does not own a car.

Stayed tuned for an excerpt of this book presented by Battlefield Journal!

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