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February 27, 2009
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Calling for Modern-Day Delegates!

When the civil war started, the body of Christ was called into action to send the gospel to the battlefields and the original U.S. Christian Commission was formed.

George Stuart, the U.S.C.C. President called for 5,000 volunteers to go to the battlefields and hospitals. Donations of money and supplies poured in! Young and old alike donated jewelry and possessions that could be auctioned off to raise funds. Children saved pennies in order to send a bible, made sewing kits-called "housewives", and wrote letters. Ladies joined together to make shirts, roll bandages and gather jams for the soldiers. Businesses gave up their warehouses to store goods, and gave large sums of money for the efforts.

Today, nearly 3 million people come to Gettysburg annually. Just as George Stuart called for the body of Christ to join together to donate, we are giving the same call today.

Join the USCC today by becoming a supporting delegate. Your financial support is critical to help us reach the millions of visitors to Gettysburg .

John A. Wega
Founder and Executive Director
U.S. Christian Commission, Inc


Seven years ago, the Lord challenged John and Susan Wega to begin research so they could share the amazing story of the USCC. The commitment of this family has now blossomed into a small team of ministries, churches, businesses, and volunteers whose financial support and time help the USCC be a witness to the 3 million annual visitors to Gettysburg!
Since 2004, the USCC has significantly advanced with each year. First, it was creating a museum for these heroes of the faith. Next is was holding weekly log chapel services, then group education tours, and always expanding the spiritual presence of His light in the Gettysburg community!
Our next advancement is yet another milestone: bringing on our Executive Director John Wega as a full-time paid staff member. Until now, he has volunteered his efforts to run this ministry. The ever increasing time commitment of the calling requires the USCC to have a full-time leader 100% focused on the mission - and we need your help!

Your one-time or monthly pledge of $35 will help us meet our budget goals!

About the United States Christian Commission

In 2004, we refounded the U.S. Christian Commission to tell the story of faith and courage from the Civil War. We have met thousands of people over the past few years, and most of them appreciated that there was hope and help in the midst of such a terrible time. I look forward to serving you on your next trip to Gettysburg.

Sincerely,John Wega
Executive Director United States Christian Commission

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