Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Passion for History

Look at this information I received from the state of Virginia. I know exactly how Mr. Bowman feels. I can't even describe how much I love history. We'd love to hear your feelings! Feel free to comment below on this post!

Passions for History are Rooted in Virginia-Mitch Bowman of Virginia Civil War Trails entices history addicts to delve deep into Virginia's passionate beginnings-

Mitch BowmanWatch his video(Richmond, Va.)--History is alive in Virginia and nobody knows that better than Mitch Bowman, a proud history addict from way back when. Bowman helped lead the charge to create the Virginia Civil War Trails, a driving trail that connects 400 sites across the state, from battlefields to homes and national parks, to lead visitors through Virginia, where more Civil War battles were fought than any other state.

A former officer and pilot in the U.S. Air Force, Bowman's passion for Virginia's rich history, from Jamestown to the Civil War to the struggle for Civil Rights, makes visits to Virginia more meaningful.

"My real passion is helping educate people," explains Bowman, in a video vignette on, "and share with them things that impact their lives, that they really don't realize have shaped their lives or the world around them."

Mitch's deep, personal commitment to an honest and accurate portrayal of the Civil War in Virginia is a big part of what makes Virginia an excellent destination for visitors seeking the roots of the nation. Virginia is an American history icon, spanning more than four centuries, from 1607 and the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown to the genesis of Brown vs Board of Education at R. R. Moton High School in Farmville. Virginia is the "Mother of Presidents" claiming eight in total, with new and exciting additions to presidential homes including Mount Vernon, Montpelier and Monticello. In Virginia, historical legends such as Booker T. Washington, Chief Powhatan, Thomas Jefferson, Maggie Walker and Daniel Boone come alive in interactive museums and exhibits that showcase how these leaders paved the way for our nation. ? Diverse historical trails such as the Civil Rights in Education Trail, the Virginia Indian Heritage Trail and the new Road to Revolution, which traces the life of Patrick Henry, help visitors relive history in a whole new way.History thrives in the streets of Virginia's historic downtowns and Main Street communities. Vacations to Richmond, Roanoke, Staunton, Alexandria and other historic cities are the best way to combine stunning historic architecture, sites and stories with world-class dining, shopping and arts.Ready to delve deep into your passion for history? Go to Portraits of Passion at to watch a video of Mitch Bowman at the American Civil War Center and plan a trip to connect with Virginia's passionate beginnings points.

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