Saturday, March 22, 2008



Welcome to the premiere blog of the Battlefield Journal! I invite you to comment on any posts you see here and let us know about any books you've read, sites you've visited or ideas you may have for the next issue of the Battlefield Journal!

Now that we've moved our office back to New England, I'm gearing up to work on the New England and the Civil War Discovery Trail. My goal is to link it up with the Gettysburg Civil War Trail (which in turn links up with the Virginia Civil War Trail and then the North Carolina trail). It is going to be quite the undertaking but it will be fun! I can't wait to take the information I gathered in my 2001 PBS documentary New England and the Civil War and create a trail that folks can use to put the pieces together about New England's contribution to the Civil War!

Last summer, on my annual sojourn to Gettysburg, I took some photos of monuments that I plan to use in another battlefield tour entitled: The Faces of Gettysburg. I wanted to share some of those photos with you! Let me know what you think!

I'll talk to you soon! Don't forget the April issue of our new quarterly Journal will be out in a couple of weeks!


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